What Is Conversation Intelligence — and Why Do Revenue Teams Need It?

January 10, 2022

Michael Basilio

You’re probably hearing a lot about Conversation Intelligence (CI) lately, and for good reason.

Top analysts are highly recommending that organizations invest in CI tools, especially as it becomes increasingly more important to engage customers remotely and digitally. And there’s a lot of buzz on third-party evaluator sites about the value companies are seeing from their use of leading CI solutions. In fact, many top revenue organizations today in the B2B space already have a CI solution in their tech stack, and it’s an integral part of their team’s day-to-day workflow.

If you feel like your team is missing out, and you want to start learning more about CI, you likely have a lot of questions — starting with, “What is Conversation Intelligence?” We can help answer that and many other questions. Chorus.ai, a ZoomInfo company, provides the No.1 Conversation Intelligence platform for high-growth sales teams. So, we know what we’re talking about when we talk about CI!

Here’s a quick look at some FAQs about CI, including the answer to that first critical question:

What Is Conversation Intelligence? #

Conversation Intelligence is a tool for capturing and analyzing all of your customer interactions to gain a complete picture of the entire customer relationship. Through artificial intelligence (AI)-driven insights, CI helps to eliminate the “black box” around what’s being said in prospect and customer conversations. The insight CI provides can help your team win more deals — and forecast with confidence.

TLDR: CI is a powerful tool for surfacing the voice of your customer.

How Does CI Improve the Sales Process? #

In short, it makes it much more efficient — and effective. A CI platform can record, transcribe and analyze sales calls, helping you bring your sales process into the digital age.

A CI platform also enables scalable, virtual call shadowing and supports more timely and targeted coaching. It reduces new hire ramp time and accelerates reps’ learning curve. It automates next steps and streamlines follow-ups. Teams can listen to recorded sales conversations to identify what strategies and messages work — and which ones don’t.

Those are only a few examples of how the sales process is different, and better, with CI.

Who Should Use Conversation Intelligence? #

Conversation Intelligence can benefit your entire go-to-market (GTM) organization by bringing the voice of the customer closer to:

  • Sales leadership
  • Frontline reps and frontline managers
  • Revenue enablement
  • Customer success
  • Sales and revenue operations

We also see many leading organizations equipping their cross-functional teams, like their marketing, product and finance teams, with Conversation Intelligence to drive strategic decision-making for products and the overall company. CI provides diverse insights for refining conversation strategy and improving customer sentiment toward products and services.

Where Can CI Deliver the Greatest Benefit in an Organization? #

The impacts of Conversation Intelligence technologies are varied and wide-reaching. However, at Chorus.ai, we believe there are three main areas where CI has the most impact in an organization:

  • Team: You can use CI to drive team performance and ensure every team member brings their best to every customer interaction.
  • Revenue: CI can help you understand the relationships that drive revenue and prevent risks.
  • Market: With Conversation Intelligence, you can make better strategic decisions and enable customer obsession throughout your organization.

We see our customers using the insights from Chorus.ai’s conversation intelligence platform to make better strategic decisions and close more deals. Some examples of where revenue teams typically see success using CI include:

  • Replicating winning behaviors: You can use CI to measure and benchmark team performance, identify and analyze what top performers do differently, and share best practices.
  • Understand deal momentum and health: With access to timely CI insights, you can identify actionable opportunities and streamline deal reviews to forecast with confidence.
  • Stay on top of shifting market dynamics: You can tap into CI insights to track shifting customer needs and how they might influence deal outcomes. Also, you can keep tabs on macro trends that could impact your business.

Here again, these are only a few examples of how Conversation Intelligence can help transform how your organization operates and elevate your team’s performance.

How Is Chorus.ai Different From Other CI Vendors? #

Great question! The swift and significant impact our CI has on organizations is what sets us apart from the competition. The change management required for frontline teams to adopt our platform is minimal — really, it’s true. And that’s a tremendous benefit for sales or revenue operations teams who are under pressure to show that the tools they bring into their tech stack, especially those powered by advanced technology like AI, can deliver meaningful ROI. With Chorus.ai, proving that ROI is far from a heavy lift.

Want to Learn More? #

Hopefully, this post has helped to answer that all-important question of “What is Conversation Intelligence?” and other top FAQs about CI. As a next step in your research, we invite you to download a copy of our free e-book, The Power of Conversation Intelligence: How to develop brilliant customer relationships and drive predictable revenue growth, to get even more insight into the history of CI, how it works, and why it should be part of your GTM tech stack.

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