The Power of ZoomInfo Data in Chorus

July 23, 2021

Sophie Cheng

Comprehensive Data and Actionable Insights to Enrich Conversations #

Have you heard? ZoomInfo acquired Chorus! Together with ZoomInfo, we’re incredibly excited to bring you a truly modern go-to-market platform that brings together Chorus’ leading Conversation Intelligence with ZoomInfo’s best-in-class go-to-market intelligence, workflows, and activation capabilities in one end-to-end solution.

ZoomInfo and Chorus are a perfect match with our mutual focus on building best-in-class solutions using only the highest quality data and conversation insights.

Data is in ZoomInfo’s DNA. Back in 2019 when DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo, they merged two of the market’s most valuable B2B data sources to create a powerhouse of quality data and coverage for sales teams everywhere. This massive dataset of over 100M companies and 130M contacts verified daily by ML algorithms, AI, and a team of 300+ researchers provide ZoomInfo (and now Chorus) customers with a unique competitive edge.

Before the acquisition, Chorus enriched conversation data with names and titles using a third party dataset to connect our users with relevant information about their buyers and enhance stakeholder knowledge. Now, ZoomInfo’s industry-leading dataset will elevate Chorus insights to a new level with 33% higher data precision and faster overall processing—from 1.5 seconds to 150 milliseconds—that's 900% faster!

Close More Deals and Expand Business Faster with the Richest Dataset in the Market #

There will be countless benefits to enriching Chorus’ account and contact data with the addition of ZoomInfo. The AI and ML algorithms that power the Chorus platform are already extremely robust (backed by 14 granted patents, up from 13 late last year!), and adding in the ZoomInfo dataset takes our processing power to another level. "We were able to migrate to ZoomInfo data and start piping it in, in less than a day, and were impressed with the increased match rate immediately," said Russell Levy, CTO at Chorus. “The improvement is upwards of 23%, which helps make our recommendation engine even more powerful. It’ll be faster at surfacing actionable insights across all deals and accounts like who’s involved, what topics they care about, how well are reps multithreaded, and what areas of expansion are likely to convert.”

With this enhanced experience, end users will be able to take action sooner, win more deals, and better understand customer relationships.

Here’s a scenario you’re likely familiar with—recent Chorus research shows this happens 10% of the time: Your rep asked if anyone else from the prospect’s team will be joining the next scheduled call. They say “No”, only to have three other team members show up on the next call. The problem? Your rep has no idea who any of them are. The prospect mentions she pulled in her boss (likely the C-suite decision maker), so your rep frantically tries to grab her name and title to look her up later. This can be a frustrating distraction and a loss of your rep’s valuable time searching your CRM or LinkedIn for relevant contact data.

Thankfully, with Chorus and ZoomInfo together, the next time this scenario happens your reps will be at ease! ZoomInfo will surface contact information for each attendee on the call, whether they’re physically on the call or simply mentioned, making your ability to multi-thread even easier. ZoomInfo also recommends personas who fall within your Buying Committee Preferences to highlight additional opportunities for multithreading.

In addition to helping you expand across your deals, you’ll gain a new understanding of which deals are more likely to close, helping improve your forecast accuracy and visibility across your pipeline. ZoomInfo’s rich company insights like noteworthy scoops (news and events), intent data, and reporting relationships, infused with Chorus’ new Momentum suite will help paint a clearer picture of the entire relationship context like who's involved in each deal, what’s being discussed, and the likelihood to close.

ZoomInfo's comprehensive dataset provides granular visibility into contact & company level data like department, job function, seniority level, industry, company size and more. Our machine learning algorithms will be able to learn about the types of people and companies in deals that lead to positive outcomes, and recommend a similar audience for future deals and conversations. Ultimately improving your win rates, expansion across existing business, and fortification of all your customer relationships.

A Modern GTM Platform #

A recent survey among GTM teams revealed that the top sales technology platform that teams don’t want to lose is their Data Platform (CRM omitted from the survey). The second and third most valued platforms were Sales Engagement and Call Recording. With this acquisition, ZoomInfo and Chorus together provide an indispensable solution for your GTM teams. And, this is just the beginning.

From enhancing our already robust AI & ML algorithms for smarter recommendations, to accessing Chorus data within ZoomInfo (and vice-versa), the opportunities presented by this acquisition are truly endless. Both companies have rigorous standards for building strong foundations with the highest fidelity data. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our offerings and functionality as one team together.

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