The Best of 2020 Product Innovations

January 8, 2021

Libby Lienhoop

2020 was definitely one for the books. Let’s rewind for a minute and go back to January 2020 when we were reveling in anticipation for the year ahead. The highs of excitement were still strong through February after company kick-offs, and most of us were well on our way to having a great Q1 of 2020… and then we got to March. The world came to a screeching halt with the COVID-19 pandemic. We all went from working at our desks in an office to working on our couch overnight. It was a huge adjustment for all of us, both personally and professionally, but let’s take a moment to celebrate the little things - like how that plant you got in April has grown over the last several months, or maybe you finally tackled reorganizing that storage closet that’s been on your list of to-dos for far too long.

It’s the little things that kept us going through this year, and hopefully 2021 will be full of even greater things! As we head into the new year, I wanted to share some of the ‘not-so-little’ innovations that kept Chorus busy this year.

None of these innovations would be possible without our extended Chorus Family. So I wanted to start off by saying how incredibly thankful we are for all of our customers and partners who make these advancements possible, and for our internal teams and executive leadership who all powered through some of the hardest times that will make us even stronger in the new year.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff! Let’s review the standout innovations to the Chorus platform that happened in 2020... and then maybe I’ll share a sneak peek into what’s to come in 2021!

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The Chorus Deal Hub

Save time, coach more effectively, and better navigate deal risks with Deal Hub. A succinct view that highlights deal activity, key stakeholders involved, and provides a quick view into all emails and calls so you can get up to speed faster during deal reviews with your rep. Proactive recommendations surface deals that are ripe for action, which saves you time and enables you to hone in on reps & deals that need the most assistance. Check out more about this amazing update here.

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New Mobile Apps

In today’s world it’s imperative to have quick-access to your sales toolbox right from your handheld device. Sure, we might not be as ‘on-the-go’ as we were before the pandemic, but having the ability to listen, review & comment on calls on your own terms makes giving & receiving feedback faster and easier, and enables new reps to onboard faster. If you haven’t already, download the new mobile apps for iOS or Android devices now, to start listening from anywhere.

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Outcome-Based Analytics

Uncover how skills and behaviors correlate to deal outcomes, like knowing exactly what sets your top reps apart from the rest. Easily compare what they do differently and hone in on their sales skills to replicate winning behaviors. The new analytics suite gives you the ability to drill-down into key moments like when engaging questions were asked in a deal, what exactly was said, and how the prospect responded. Our advanced AI will surface key conversation & sales skills, deal intelligence and market intelligence so you can see how various insights impact deal outcomes across the board, and shed light onto those critical questions you’ve been asking yourself. Learn more about our Outcome-Based Analytics here.

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Game-Changing Integrations

Connected Conversation Intelligence (Connected CI) is Chorus’ philosophy on bringing actionable insights to wherever you work. To continue expanding this vision, we’ve added a few more game-changing integrations to our platform, like making it seamless to share the Voice of the Customer with your team directly in Slack and automating critical workflows with custom alerts via Zapier. We’ve also invested heavily in opening access to CI data with the Chorus API, so you can take action on those valuable insights in other platforms like Tableau, Mode or other data visualization platforms.

Continuing to Build A Strong Foundation #

13th Patent Granted

Everyone knows that a strong foundation is imperative for building anything - a house, a relationship, and even software. Without it, things can come crumbling down in a flash. The layers that comprise our AI & Machine Learning are the foundation of Conversation Intelligence, which is why we’re incredibly focused on ensuring our AI & Machine Learning is consistently proven to be the best. This is what powers the proactive recommendations, risk alerts and contextual insights you require to make revenue-driving decisions. The fact that we’ve built the largest patent portfolio in the Conversation Intelligence industry with our 13th patent granted earlier this year truly showcases our expertise and level of innovation within the industry of AI, Transcription & SaaS. For more detail on our 13th patent, click here.

New UI Design & Enhanced Usability

One of our core values at Chorus is to “Deliver Awesome” so when we heard that our existing UI was just ever-so-shy of awesome, we took action immediately. By harnessing the voice of our own customers (how meta of us), we were able to re-create our entire user experience into something more delightful and intuitive for users. The feedback has been incredibly positive with resounding excitement, and we’d like to thank our customers for sharing their feedback and helping us improve our platform.

Platform Enhancements & Improvements

No admin enjoys manually creating new users, so we added new workflows that allow Chorus users to be created automatically via Salesforce or dialers. We’ve significantly enhanced the overall onboarding experience with in-platform best practices and sleek product updates that call out what’s new so you can stay up-to-date in a pinch. Maintaining a strong focus on overall user experiences and feature functionality is a key focus for us, so thank you for your feedback and look for more exciting new enhancements to the Chorus platform and our Salesforce integration coming in 2021.

Looking Ahead #

Since we’re all very excited to jump into 2021, I wanted to share a couple teasers to what’s ahead. We’re working furiously to provide you with unparalleled visibility into your customer relationships so you know exactly what to do to drive revenue. Momentum by Chorus will transform the way you think about your CRM with unprecedented Relationship Intelligence available at your fingertips. The Chorus Zoom App is another transformational product that will enable your teams to bring their best to every interaction and run more effective and efficient meetings in Zoom.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more innovations and never hesitate to reach out to us with thoughts and feedback at <>. Interested in learning how Chorus can help your organization drive more revenue? Reach out to us to start the conversation.

Thank you for your support last year, and here’s to a greater one ahead!

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