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How Often Are Salespeople Working?

In this remote environment, we are all working - and living - differently. As we move from sales floor to kitchen counter, leaders are looking for ways to keep their teams connected, energized, and winning. Explore the sales call data below to compare the hours and days your team works to industry benchmarks.

% of Meetings Before 9am

The amount of early morning meetings spiked during peak-shutdown, likely in place of a commute or morning catch up session with the team. The start of Q4 showed a heavy drop off of meetings before 9am. This could be because teams are getting used to working remotely, and are perhaps striking a healthier balance between early- and mid-day meetings.

% of Meetings After 4pm

Late afternoon and evening meetings hit their peak in May and June - 23% more meetings compared to January. While teams are still holding meetings later than they did at the beginning of the year, the data shows a steady downward trend heading to normal. Sales people are likely favoring mid-day meetings more now that they become accustomed to remote life.

"If you’re a smart leader, I’d encourage your teams to hold meetings in the morning. Don’t be the guy holding a demo meeting after 4pm when attention span is zapped.”
— Joe Booth, the VP of Sales Operations for SecureAuth

% of Meetings on Mondays

Mondays has traditionally been a slow day for sales. But we can see that as the normal ebb and flow of work schedules has been disrupted, so have the days in which we're the most productive. Ultimately, your team shouldn't be timid about making that call or scheduling that meeting on a Monday.

% of Meetings on Fridays

In early Q2, we saw a steep drop off in Friday meetings that carried through Q3. Now heading into Q4, Friday meetings are on the rise - up 20% more Friday meetings in October than in September. This may have to do with increased hours and workload across the board, and people wanting to close out their week strong.

What the data says about Performance Intelligence

Understanding how your team is working now can help you identify processes and efficiencies that need to be addressed. People are taking calls earlier and later, so there can be some time spared in the middle of the day for breaks.

Keep an eye on your teams performance and activity levels. Ensure that they stay productive with a healthy dose of rest and rejuvenation built in so that they can start each day fresh and ready to win.

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