Momentum by Chorus helps you put the “R” back in your CRM

May 26, 2021

Business relationships have been reduced to a few noteworthy fields inside your CRM. Spotty data leads to inaccurate assessments of each deal and account leading to downstream impacts such as misaligned forecasting, missed opportunities, unexpected churn, and more.

  • 80% of buying decisions involve a VP at some stage, but only 10% of CRM opportunities include an engaged VP. [Medqor, 2021]
  • “Bad” CRM data that may be stale, distorted or limited in nature then leads to sales professionals wasting over 27% of their time. [SalesIntel, 2020]
  • CEB found that 53% of customer loyalty is attributed to the customer’s buying experience which relies on the reps and CSMs being a valued partner and teaching the customer something new.

While we weren’t surprised by those statistics, we also found that legacy customer relationship management systems do not deliver key analytics, forcing enterprise teams to fly blind. [Frost & Sullivan, 2021]

So let’s put the focus back on what truly matters: Building successful relationships.

Unleash the R in your CRM with Momentum by Chorus and access true relationship intelligence with unparalleled visibility into the driving forces behind every successful business relationship.

Relationships are built on the sum of continuous successful interactions. By leveraging Momentum by Chorus, the #1 Conversation Intelligence partner, your team is now able to put the human element back into your CRM to truly understand where relationships are heading and to make every interaction count.

Don’t let spotty data hold you back any longer. Keep your forecasts and reporting within the tools you and your teams already use daily. Now you can access all relevant relationship context gathered through Chorus, directly within your CRM.

It’s simple: Relationships drive revenue.

Momentum by Chorus allows you to understand if multithreading and executive involvement is happening. Get a complete list of who is involved in each deal, as well as their level of engagement. See the total number of interactions, most recent activity dates across calls and emails, along with a summary of key topics discussed to quickly pinpoint actionable opportunities. You can do this all within one seamless view that allows you to quickly spot whether your deal, account, or overall relationship has the right momentum to move forward.

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