Native Conversation Intelligence Inside Outreach

August 22, 2018

Shawn Parrotte

In Sales, context beats content every day of the week, and twice on Sundays. #

When talking to customers, understanding context — who they are, what they care about, and how they’ve already interacted with our company, is critical to being knowledgeable and effective.

One of the reasons I believe Outreach, a customer, has done so well is because it helps thousands of Account Executives, SDRs, and CSMs implement a simple, repeatable workflow to engage with prospects with context. We’ve been honored to partner with Outreach through their phenomenal growth.

Partnering with high-growth, visionary companies like Outreach help us understand how every top performing revenue team should work.

One of our learnings was that sales needs as much context as possible and seamless integration between the critical tools in their technology stack to avoid context switching.

Announcing the native tile in Outreach #

If you’re one of the hundreds of customers on Outreach and, you can now get Conversation Intelligence directly into your Outreach instance. No more context switching and you’ll have full visibility into every call or meeting your company has had with an account before your next dial.

We loved working directly with Outreach’s product and engineering teams to bring you the first native, third party integration into Outreach.

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Access Conversation Intelligence inside your Outreach instance now!

And that’s not all.

A sweet, sweet offer if you’re not a Chorus customer (yet!) #

In support of the new Outreach Voice launch, we’re excited to announce a limited time offer for all Outreach customers who want to book more meetings and up their game . Get one free year of for Outreach Voice if you sign up on or before October 31st. for Outreach Voice will give you visibility into every call or meeting and help you build a collaborative, always learning, coaching culture across the sales team. We’ll surface the high impact calls and moments that anyone on your team can easily listen to and learn from, and makes it easy to share those moments with your team, so you can learn from and replicate what is working, and avoid what doesn’t.

We’re excited to help every Outreach customer up their game with Conversation Intelligence!

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