How Mode Harnesses the Voice of the Customer and Drives CSM Performance with Connected CI

November 11, 2020

Libby Lienhoop

The main premise of Connected Conversation Intelligence (CI) is bringing powerful data and insights directly from the platform into other applications where teams do their work. And we love to see our customers get creative with tapping into the capabilities of CI and making it a part of their everyday workflow. Take Mode Analytics, for example. They’ve integrated CI data from Chorus into an ingenious, real-time dashboard for their Customer Success Management team.

San Francisco-based Mode is all about data: Their analytics platform is designed to help data analysts and data scientists analyze, visualize, and share data. So, maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised to learn how Asha Hill, Senior Manager, Customer Support and Success Operations at Mode, was able to add “just a little bit of SQL” to pull Chorus call data from their Salesforce instance into the Mode dashboard they rely on every day.

Why create a specialized dashboard featuring Chorus call data? A key reason, according to Lizz Harrell, Mode’s Vice President of Customer Success, is that the CSM team needed to improve their approach to tracking customer engagement, and Chorus surfaces unique insights for advanced analysis. “Our hope is that over time we can make this process more programmatic,” she says.

Cutting through the noise to get to the best source of truth #

Harrell says the CSM team has struggled with tracking and gleaning insights from historical data. Cutting through all the “noise” in Salesforce is challenging since there is so much action from other integrations like Marketo and Outreach. “We wanted to get to the best source of truth for things like call activity and customer value,” says Harrell. “We really couldn’t see that information because so much activity traffic flows through Salesforce, which makes it hard to analyze. ”

So, at Harrell’s request, Hill got to work finding the best source of truth. She describes her approach: “After some investigation, I realized how I could extract the Chorus data that are integrated into Salesforce tasks, like next steps or call duration, and pull it into Mode”

Mode’s CI-focused dashboard was inspired by the Analytics Page in Chorus, says Hill, adding that the team loves Chorus’ new UI. “I looked at the Analytics Page in Chorus and tried to emulate that experience in Mode to display the Chorus call data,” she explains.

A whole new way to view call data — and hear the voice of the customer #

By bringing CI insights from Chorus directly into Mode, Mode’s CSM team can now track, search, analyze and report on a broad range of call data in real-time within the main dashboard they already use on a daily basis.

The data displayed on the dashboard include:

  • The number of calls by CSM
  • The average call duration (in minutes) by CSM
  • The number of calls by CSM over time
  • Calls by account and segment
  • Analysis of trends for key topics mentioned

CSMs can also track Chorus call activity details, like next steps and deal stage.

Here’s a look at the Mode dashboard featuring Chorus call data pulled from Salesforce:

Screen Shot 2020 11 10 at 10 40 16 AM

Importantly, CSMs — and product teams and solutions engineers — can also access Chorus call recordings right from a Mode dashboard. They are just one URL click away from hearing the voice of the customer and bringing it to the center of their decision-making.

Screen Shot 2020 11 10 at 10 40 41 AM

This instant connection to the customer’s voice is also helping the CSM team to drive better collaboration with Mode’s solution engineers and deepen that critical partnership, Hill says.

Chorus is a game-changer for Mode’s GTM teams #

“Having the information that flows from Chorus into Salesforce and into Mode is unique,” says Harrell. “Asha was able to use the data and data structure so cleanly, we can now report on things we could never report on before. We now have a much better source of truth for our team’s calls.”

Harrell says the conversation data and insights they’re able to view and analyze through the Mode dashboard is helping them improve time management as a team and track key metrics like time since the last call. “We can now better understand how customer engagement translates to value, and we can manage expectations across the customer base more effectively,” says Harrell.

While the CI-focused dashboard is unique to the CSM team, all of Mode’s go-to-market teams use the Chorus platform for recording calls and providing feedback to reps, creating Smart Playlists, tracking when competitors’ names are mentioned, and more. The GTM teams at Mode are just starting to expand their use of Chorus for coaching and pre-call preparation, and they’re exploring Scorecards as well, according to Harrell. She says they’re also looking forward to using Chorus’ new Zapier integration to automate repetitive tasks and push insights to revenue leaders to help them elevate their team’s performance.

“Chorus has really changed the game for us in a lot of things that we do,” says Harrell. “And a big reason that we all use Chorus at Mode, and really love it, is hearing the voice of the customer when it comes to product feedback.”

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