Performance Intelligence

How Many Meetings to Close a Deal

Regardless of whether your deal closes won or lost, you and your teams are likely having to meet more to get there. With the loss of in-person touch points, you and your team have to creatively and continuously engage your prospect to ensure movement from one stage to the next. Our Research & Data team looked at sales call data to determine how many meetings it takes to close a deal. Let's take a look.

Average # of Meetings to Close Deals

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway here is that small delta between the average number of meetings held on won and lost deals. Qualifying out deals early on minimizes opportunity costs and allows for the pursuit of better qualified deals.


There are 10.6% more meetings per Closed-Won deal in Q3 vs Q2.

What the data says about Performance Intelligence

The thing to be mindful of here is the old truism: The best answer a sales person can get is yes, and the second best answer is a quick no.

Regardless of the market or industry, revenue leaders have to make sure their team is not investing too many resources in sectors or prospects that aren’t investing right now. Instead, they need to double down and commit to those that are investing.

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