Introducing the New Chorus app for Zoom Meetings

July 29, 2021

Daniel Blaser

It’s well-known at this point that salespeople are busy. Research has even shown that they spend just over a third of their time actually selling.

Many of the administrative and other non-revenue generating activities such as scheduling meeting follow-ups, taking meeting notes, and entering post-meeting information into their CRMs takes up a significant amount of time 一 time that could be spent prospecting, or better yet, selling.

And with more meetings going virtual, it can be difficult to remember all of the things you promised to do, the notes you took on the back of that lunch napkin, or the relationship history you have with the client you’re chatting with.

Virtual meetings aren’t going anywhere. In fact, as more companies enact fully remote or hybrid work policies, our reliance on web conferencing tools like Zoom is destined to increase.

Luckily, Chorus, a ZoomInfo company, is making it easier, and arguably more productive, to sell and work in a virtual environment. Why? Because of the Chorus App for Zoom.

What Does the Chorus App for Zoom Do?

Available in the Zoom Marketplace, the new Chorus app integrates helpful features into your live Zoom meetings, such as bookmarking key moments and reviewing relationship history—all from within the Zoom platform. This improves users' productivity by maintaining deal momentum before, during, and after your meeting.

The new Chorus App for Zoom will allow sales and revenue teams to better execute virtual meetings, utilize innovative relationship intelligence in real-time, and seamlessly share insights with the entire organization.

Chorus App for Zoom Key Features #

The Chorus app for Zoom allows you to accomplish a host of relationship management activities without having to leave the Zoom platform. Below are some of the key features of the Chorus App for Zoom.

  • Customer voice sharing: Share the voice of the customer with colleagues in real time and bring in others when needed.
  • One-click pins: Bookmark key moments to review quickly.
  • Note taking: Create action plans and more efficient follow-ups with digital notes attached in context to the conversation.
  • Hashtags: Easily save high-value moments such as #CustomerFeedback directly to a Chorus playlist to share with colleagues.
  • Mentions: Bring in others when they’re mentioned in a conversation to get the deal over the line faster.

Follow-ups made easy: Identify key moments from the meeting and schedule your next one without having to connect with your client via email afterwards.

Chorus for Collaboration #

With the new Chorus app, collaboration and relationship management has never been easier. Gone are the days of scrambling to grab a pen, making sure you remember the tiniest of details. Instead, everything is recorded and managed right within the Zoom platform.

This provides invaluable benefits to the overall meeting experience for both you and your prospects, allowing you to close more deals, faster.

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