Optimizing the Sales Process with Chorus.ai

Case Study


Switching to Chorus from Gong gave us more options, more automation, and better features at a competitive price. It was more of a complete package.

Chad Supers

Head of Sales, Growbots

Growbots is a customer prospecting platform that helps small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) that have limited time and resources get in front of the right prospective customers.

“We work with businesses that don’t have the time and resources to spend for prospecting and cold emailing and trying to get in front of customers,” said Chad Supers, Head of Sales, Growbots. “At Growbots, we’ll automate a lot of that and streamline it so that they can use it as a go-to-market strategy.”

As part of their focus on optimizing the company for growth, they’ve turned a critical eye to how they can improve their sales processes. “We’ve been looking at how we can optimize sales, and make sure it’s the streamlined best process,” said Supers.

Growbots’ Sales Process Before Chorus.ai #

Before implementing Chorus.ai, the Growbots team had tried out—and ultimately replaced—Gong. They felt that as the sales organization grew, the ability to record calls and use them for onboarding and coaching would be a benefit to the organization.

Having previously led the sales organization at Talk IQ, Supers understood the strengths of a reliable call recording solution. “It’s newer, so not everyone knows the technology exists, let alone with the strengths and positives, including how it typically works—and more importantly how it could work,” Chad Supers, Head of Sales, Growbots.

Chad Supers

Chad Supers

Head of Sales, Growbots

We were able to 3x our sales output with Chorus being the backbone.

Supers’ sales team is spread across four locations and time zones—as a remote manager, the only way he could provide constructive coaching to his salespeople was through having every call recorded. “Because I don’t have the luxury of just tapping someone on the shoulder or flying to them all the time,” said Supers, “a lot of it’s done through Zoom, or through recording, or through training sessions.

”Although Gong provided the call recording functionality Supers needed, as its pricing per seat reached Salesforce license levels, Supers decided the time was right to look for additional features at a better price point.

“Gong was mostly a call recorder with note-taking,” he said.”I often joked the most useful feature besides topics was listening to a call a 2X. I am a believer in this space, but it was really really pricey. And the value wasn’t there for them.”

Why Growbots Chose Chorus.ai #

When Supers met with the Chorus.ai team, he was impressed with the platform’s robust features.”I saw things that Gong wasn’t doing,” he said. “Things around optimization, and actually making not just a recording, but doing some automation and some ‘of the moment tracking’, things like that. Very useful.

”As he evaluated the right solution for his sales team, he wanted to ensure salespeople could navigate quickly, easily save things, store things, comment on things and easily incorporate them into their sales coaching framework. “Chorus was actually much easier at doing the latter because of the playlists,” said Supers.

“We quickly started to see the benefits of switching to Chorus because of how it could streamline the process. It was like it was built for our workflow even though we didn’t build our workflow or our structure around it.” —Chad Supers, Head of Sales, Growbots

How Chorus.ai Improved Growbots’ Sales Process #

Growbots quickly scored an optimization win by implementing a successful call track identified and monitored by using Chorus.

“We’d rolled out a new talk track with one salesperson, and it was working, Supers said. “We took that and presented it to the team, through Chorus, in June, and then boom, 3 weeks later in July we have our best month ever by far—we did 160% of our goal.”

This success, in turn, led them to reshape their sales training philosophy and framework around the insights Chorus could provide.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say if we didn’t have Chorus, our entire training weekly calls and one-on-ones would be drastically different,” said Supers. “It’s really helped us improve our sales process to be able to slice up calls, and save them into different libraries or playlists. Playlists have been extremely useful to my 10 SDRs in Warsaw. They really have been diving into these playlists that we’re creating, and listening to 20 or more conversations—they’re really getting up to speed.”

Due to the differences in time zones, it’s a rarity that Supers has the opportunity to sit in on sales calls with his team. But with Chorus.ai, he has seen the benefits that he would have been able to realize if he could do so. “I can’t listen to all of their calls, or maybe any of their calls,” he said. “But we’re able to do that, with Chorus, during one-on-ones, and during team sessions.”

We quickly started to see the benefits of switching to Chorus because of how it could streamline the process. It was like it was built for our workflow even though we didn’t build our workflow or our structure around it.

Chad Supers

Head of Sales, Growbots

How Growbots Identified the Right Sales KPIs With Chorus #

Supers also recently learned, from reviewing Chorus.ai reporting, that one of his newest salespeople had what would be considered a very poor talk-to-listen ratio. Had Supers gone by that metric alone, however, he would have missed out on nurturing one of his best salespeople.

“For the past four months in a row, she has had the highest closing rate,” said Supers. “Now, I really have stopped any sort of conversation around talk-to-listener ratio. She does 55-minute demos when everyone else does 25-40. But she was our number one salesperson and her close rate’s the highest.” While he’s not encouraging all of his salespeople to follow her lead and keep prospects on the phone longer, he has taken time to reflect on what makes her successful for their type of sale, which may be useful for identifying future high potential hires.

“She’s relating to these people on a personal level,” he said. “She’s a very bubbly personality and loves to just talk to people. And that is coming across in the calls. These people want to be on the phone with her. She has that sort of personality and the analytics won’t show that. That’s the sales rep she is, that’s her strength, that’s her personality. And it’s working.”

The insights Growbots has gleaned through their use of Chorus.ai has significantly increased the average deal size and the number of customers per salesperson. “And that just equals out to a lot more new revenue per month which is our main North Star that we do for sales keeping,” said Supers.

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