Chorus is the G2 Sales Coaching Momentum Leader

July 16, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

Our summer got off to a great start when G2, the peer-to-peer review site, announced that ranked as a leader in G2’s Conversation Intelligence and Sales Coaching quadrants in both Momentum and Customer Satisfaction! Even better, in the Sales Coaching quadrant, we earned the top spot, garnering a Momentum Grid score of 88. That includes a customer satisfaction score of 96.

Sales coaching momentum grid

Kara Kennedy, G2’s market research director, said in a statement that earned the top spot in G2’s Summer 2019 Momentum Grid Reports for Conversation Intelligence and Sales Coaching “by demonstrating high growth indicators and high user satisfaction over the last year.” She said, “With its continued momentum of earning high ratings for satisfaction, and growing its employees and digital presence, Chorus has shown that it is outpacing industry growth solutions that meet the evolving needs of their users.”

Here are just a few examples of recent customer reviews on G2 that got our attention:

[Chorus has] been called the best investment our company has ever made in a tool, including Salesforce.

The most impactful coaching on the market. It not only helped reduce the ‘ramp’ time of new AEs but also helped nearly double the close rate of the existing AE team.

Chorus is basically a cheat code. It’s an incredible training tool, and I would recommend it to all sales departments.

Thank You! We appreciate receiving great feedback from our users.

G2, formerly G2 Crowd, calculates Momentum scores with a proprietary algorithm that factors in social, web, employee, and review data that G2 deems influential to a company’s momentum. G2’s Momentum Grid is meant to provide vendors, media, investors, and analysts with benchmarks for comparing products and analyzing market trends.

To be included in G2’s Sales Coaching category, software products must, among other things, offer capture, analysis, and feedback tools for sales calls, and help identify pivotal moments or opportunities in sales conversations that can be shared with salespeople for improvement. Criteria for the Conversation Intelligence category includes machine learning technology to enhance coaching functionality, and sales call recording and transcription capabilities. is very proud of the G2 rankings we earned, and we’re delighted by all the great feedback we received from users who told G2 that they’re loving our conversation intelligence platform and seeing real results from using it. We work with hundreds of high-growth companies to increase their sales performance and shorten new hire ramp times. And it’s great to hear straight from users how the platform is transforming their ability to coach their teams and identify and replicate best practices across their organizations.

For example, Luca Vingiani, Global VP of Inside Sales at Crossover for Work, told G2 that the platform is “an essential coaching tool” that helps his team measure and coach call quality with consistency instead of subjectivity. He said, “We’ve found that call quality can impact sales outcomes by as much as 65%. And in 12 weeks, we improved quality scores from an average of 5% to 100%, and this has translated to raising our retention rates to over 90%.”

Thanks to G2 and its community of reviewers for honoring with such high placement as a momentum leader in two categories — and for giving us so much great feedback on G2 every day!

Read more about’s leadership rankings in G2’s Trending Sales Coaching Software report and Trending Conversation Intelligence Software report.

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