Frost & Sullivan Discusses Chorus' Conversation Intelligence Award

June 24, 2021

Daniel Blaser

In April 2021, global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan selected as the recipient of its North American Conversation Intelligence Customer Value Leadership Award. Frost & Sullivan VP of Research Tonya Fowler recently sat down to give her perspective on the significance of the award, and why Chorus is the leader in Conversation Intelligence.

Tonya calls out three specific differentiators that sets Chorus apart from the pack: #

1. Understanding the Voice of the Customer

Chorus puts the “R” back into the CRM: relationships. Instead of entering a conversation without context, the platform quickly brings Revenue leaders up-to-speed on existing clients or deals. By reviewing call notes and listening to the key points of prior discussions, frontline managers and account reps enjoy more clarity around their customer’s needs. Chorus’ patented AI technology seamlessly brings the customer’s voice to every decision, enabling enterprises to transform traditional practices into next-level customer-centric operations.

2. Delivering Real-time Intelligence

Momentum Insights provides real-time visibility into critical revenue-driving moments. Users can monitor every step of a customer relationship, which empowers representatives to make the right revenue-driving decisions. It surfaces key opportunities and risks right from within the Chorus platform or the CRM.

3. Conversation Intelligence: High Growth Potential

Chorus relies upon advanced machine learning to identify key deal insights. With conversation intelligence as a fast-growing segment in sales technology, Chorus is well-positioned for growth, especially since much of its market traction stems from large enterprises such as DocuSign Inc., Zoom, and UberEats.

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