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Chorus.ai is a vital tool that allows revenue teams to achieve success and alignment and, essentially, coach and mentor every member of their team.

Gordon Jen

Director of Corporate Sales, Everstring

When B2B sales, marketing, operations and advanced analytics teams can access detailed company intelligence based on clean, actionable data, they can move faster and more confidently to land more — and more high-value — deals. EverString helps these teams to do all of the above by providing marketing and sales intelligence software that puts the power of artificial intelligence (AI), applied data science and highly reliable data directly into their hands.

Vincent Yang and J.J. Kardwell founded San Mateo, California-based EverString in 2014 with a mission to help B2B organizations move away from manual sales and marketing approaches and toward AI-enabled solutions. Today, companies around the globe use EverString’s solutions, including the EverString Data Platform, to expand and prioritize pipelines, gain insight into relevant prospects, and directly access highly accurate data. EverString has seen record-breaking growth in 2018, due in part to the company landing several large accounts in the financial services, retail, insurance and business services industries.

Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes

Corporate Account Executive, EverString

Chorus.ai is not just a call recorder. It truly helps you to refine your craft.

Using Chorus.ai to Reduce Multitasking Madness During Sales Calls #

EverString’s fast-moving sales team found it increasingly difficult to keep track of details from a growing volume of sales meetings until they implemented the Chorus.ai conversation intelligence platform.

“Multitasking was a big challenge before we had Chorus.ai,” says Ryan Holmes, Corporate Account Executive at EverString. “Taking notes and worrying about remembering what was said on calls made it harder to focus on engaging prospects in the moment. And that was tough, because you knew you probably only had one opportunity to talk to a prospect and nail everything.”

Chorus.ai gives sales reps “instant recall” of past calls. Sydney Schocket, Corporate Account Executive at EverString, says, “When my manager or a sales engineer would ask me about a sales call that had happened a couple of weeks ago, I’d struggle to remember the details. Now, I can go into Chorus.ai, review exactly what happened during that call, and relay the information back to them.”

Holmes says Chorus.ai is also giving EverString’s sales team more opportunity to focus on improving their skills and strategies for interacting with customers and prospects. “Chorus.ai is not just a call recorder. It truly helps you to refine your craft,” he explains.

Increasing the Close Rate and Driving Pipeline Creation with Chorus.ai #

Using Chorus.ai to help sales reps devote even more attention to the needs of high-value prospects and customers has already translated to bottom-line results for EverString. Gordon Jen, the company’s Director of Corporate Sales, says, Chorus.ai has enabled our team to increase our win rate by 4 percentage points. It has also had an amazing impact on pipeline creation. That’s all because Chorus.ai lets us focus on the right accounts and helps us understand what was said in a call.”

According to Jen, the insights from customer conversations that Chorus.ai provides has helped his team identify common pain points among customers in certain industries. That, in turn, has helped them grow accounts in those areas. Jen says Chorus.ai also enables EverString’s entire revenue team to maintain better alignment and share best practices more easily.

“I would recommend Chorus.ai to any organization that cares about their overall revenue operations,” says Jen. “Chorus.ai is a vital tool that allows revenue teams to achieve success and alignment and, essentially, coach and mentor every member of their team.”

EverString started as a simple but bold idea in 2012, born out of their co-founders’ real-life challenges with the traditional manual approach to sales, sales development and marketing. Co-founder Vincent Yang came up with a solution that combined machine learning, natural language processing and massive-scale data to deliver real-time results for lead acquisition and qualification.

After a research and development period, Vincent Yang and J.J. Kardwell launched EverString in the spring of 2014, and shortly after, EverString Audience Platform was released. EverString is committed to working as a team to create the most innovative, data-driven and AI-enabled solutions for B2B sales and marketing professionals.

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