Teams Up With Zoom to Deliver Real-Time Relationship Intelligence in Sales Meetings

October 14, 2020

Sara Howshar

It’s a simple fact: 2020 would have been a whole lot harder if Zoom wasn’t available to connect our living room offices and kitchen table desks.

At this year’s Zoomtopia, Zoom announced another way they’re ready to revolutionize the way we connect: the launch of the new Zoom App marketplace.

Are you ready?

We are. And we couldn’t be more excited to be a featured launch partner. The truth is that we are proud to continue our partnership with one of the most essential tools in the workplace.

“Zoom has revolutionized how companies do business and in today’s remote world is the primary way Revenue teams meet with their customers. With Zoom Apps, a more seamless and data-connected future is possible, something we at believe to be paramount for the remote, global workforce,” said Jim Benton, CEO of “With our Chorus Zoom App and native Zoom integration, Revenue teams will be better prepared to drive deal momentum by putting relationship intelligence and real-time insights at their fingertips.”

They Had Us At Hello #

Chorus’ new Zoom App builds on the long-standing partnership between Zoom and Chorus.

In 2019, Chorus announced the first native Zoom integration, delivering the most secure recording compliance and seamless experience for the enterprise.

The Chorus Zoom App is going to fundamentally change the way that you meet and sell. Combining real-time Chorus insights with your Zoom calls will create more productive meetings, stronger relationships, and better performance.

Let’s break it down.

Leveraging the Power of Conversation Intelligence in Your Zoom Meetings & Calls #

Chorus’ Conversation Intelligence is, of course, more than a silent notetaker.

After recording your Zoom meeting or Zoom Phone call, Chorus’ AI delivers the powerful insights that keep revenue teams connected and winning.

Now, the Chorus Zoom App will ride-along with you to help you better prepare, get real-time coaching and insights to keep each member engaged, and follow up with ease and speed.

This is real-time Conversation Intelligence.

Chorus Zoom Zapp Meeting Prep

Pre-Meeting Prep in Chorus, In Zoom #

The Chorus Zoom App brings Relationship Intelligence to the forefront of your calls.

Think back to those days of in-person meetings. You and your team likely met for a quick, off-the-cuff huddle in the lobby before heading up to wow your prospect.

Chorus’ Zoom App has recreated the lobby huddle.

Before everyone joins, you’re able to review critical deal information in the Zoom client before you begin the meeting.

This helps reps and executives quickly prepare with deal momentum insights like key call snippets, emails, and next steps from prior calls along with important deal context like stage, amount, key stakeholders, and the forecasted close date.

02 Chorus Zoom Zapp During Call 1

On-Call Deal Coaching #

The Chorus Zoom App provides on-call coaching to drive better outcomes by displaying information to help revenue professionals better engage customers.

It highlights participants and trackers about key topics they discussed in prior meetings, such as legal, budget, security, competitors, and more.

Chorus will also display the talk time of each participant in real-time so that reps can proactively ask questions to get everyone talking.

If you notice a key stakeholder has been quiet and their talk time is low relative to everyone else, you can ask them questions to specifically reengage them. Right away.

04 Chorus Zoom Zapp Comments Tagging

Connected Cross-Team Collaboration #

Seamlessly engage colleagues right there in the call. Pull them in for help or share feedback with them by simply tagging them in the moment.

The Chorus Zoom App makes it simple to time-stamp a moment or tag a colleague to answer a question or review a key call moment to understand the voice of the customer.

Harnessing the voice of the customer has never been easier, or more impactful.

05 Chorus Zoom Zapp Next Steps CRM 1

Follow-Up in Real-Time #

Don’t lose sight of why you do what you do: Solve real problems by creating meaningful relationships.

The Chorus Zoom App makes it simple to bookmark key moments and add notes as they’re happening. If something catches your attention? You can bookmark it in real-time so that you can reference it later, or go back to comment and share.

This, and our real-time transcription and analysis, gives you everything you need to send recaps immediately after the meeting is over.

Pay attention to what matters most: your relationships. If something comes up that you want to make sure to circle back to, comment, share, or bookmark for later. On the spot.

We keep track of what’s important so that you can focus on the relationship at hand.

Changing the Connected Game #

Conversation Intelligence is pioneering new ways to champion your revenue goals and connect with your teams.

With Zoom - and specifically with Zoom’s App marketplace - we’re ready to accelerate into the future of real-time intelligence for fully enabled revenue orgs.

We’re excited to lead the charge as a launch partner to further revolutionize the connectivity of revenue teams.

Come with us.

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