Offers Permissions for Revenue Team Sharing and Collaboration announced Roles & Permissions, enterprise-grade control and access to specific features and data based on roles and teams.

San Francisco

December 10, 2019

Business Wire, the leading Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams, today announced Roles & Permissions, enterprise-grade control and access to specific features and data based on roles and teams.

IT administrators and sales operations today are tasked with managing a company’s most important asset: customer data. With Chorus Roles & Permissions, users can set their revenue teams up for success while maintaining the necessary internal IT regulations.

Roles & Permissions enables data access settings to specify the records that users in certain teams or territories can view and edit. Customizable role-based settings can also control the Chorus experience for end-users, such as who can fill out scorecards or share recordings externally.

With flexible data access, a solutions engineering team can collaborate with the relevant account executives (AEs) they support even though they sit on a different branch of the organization chart. Likewise, handoffs from sales development representatives to AEs to customer success teams can be easily supported by setting up data access through this flexible framework while maintaining data security.

“Conversation Intelligence is a must-have solution for front-line managers to get visibility into their teams’ deals and what reps and deals require their attention, and to coach and onboard new hires,” said Roy Raanani, CEO and co-founder of “With more and more enterprises adopting our Conversation Intelligence solution, we were asked to build functionality to meet their robust data access, security and compliance standards." has announced multiple new features in 2019, proving their commitment to innovation and dedication to helping customers close more deals. The company announced the launch of Cold Call Central during Dreamforce and OpsStars 2019 and launched Recommendations in August, which uses Chorus’s AI technology to provide role-based suggestions that help users automatically see important moments from hundreds of meetings. Most recently, Chorus was awarded the 2019 Aragon Research Innovation Award for Conversational AI.

To learn more about Roles & Permissions, or for information on how to turn more sales conversations into revenue, request a demo.

Chorus is the leader in Conversation Intelligence and an integral part of ZoomInfo’s (NASDAQ: ZI) leading modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence for more than 20,000 companies worldwide. Founded in 2015, Chorus’ Conversation Intelligence Platform identifies and helps revenue teams replicate the performance of top-performing reps by analyzing their sales meetings. These insights serve as the foundation of an effective coaching strategy for sales and customer success teams and provide insight into the voice of the customer across the entire organization. Customers like Zoom, Mavenlink, Qualtrics, Adobe, TripActions, and GitLab ramp new hires to productivity 30-50% faster and see an increase in quota attainment from 20-100%. Chorus has offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Boston, Toronto, and Salt Lake City.


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