Chorus Named a Strong Performer in Forrester Report on Revenue Operations & Intelligence

March 28, 2022

Alina Poniewaz-Bolton

Chorus has been named a “Strong Performer” by Forrester Research and one of the top 14 vendors in The Forrester Wave™: Revenue Operations & Intelligence Q1 2022 report. Chorus, part of the ZoomInfo RevOS suite, received the highest possible score across seven criteria, including conversation insights, product vision, and data management.

At Chorus, we believe this recognition reflects the clear need in B2B for revenue operations and intelligence (RO&I) solutions that bring interaction insights into existing sales and revenue processes.

“We’re excited to see the Chorus conversation intelligence platform recognized as a Strong Performer,” says Justin Withers, senior vice president of strategy at ZoomInfo. “As part of RevOS, ZoomInfo’s unified revenue operating system, Chorus is a critical tool for any organization looking to replicate the winning behaviors of their best salespeople and sharpen customer interactions through conversation and pipeline insights.”

The emergence of a new category #

Revenue Intelligence and Operations is a relatively new category for Forrester, first presented in October 2021 as a core component of the B2B go-to-market tech stack. The technology solutions in the RO&I category capture buyer interactions and insights for use by revenue organizations to continuously optimize and improve their operations.

The emergence of RO&I is directly related to the broader digital transformation of the sales industry, which places a premium on efficiency, predictability and precision.

To stand apart, revenue organizations need to quickly and efficiently turn mountains of data into actionable insights that will drive engagement. For more efficient and effective outreach, they need to streamline operations at every stage of the sales process.

Act smarter, not harder, with conversation-level insights #

Chorus’ powerful AI-driven call recording and transcription technology takes the intelligence element in Revenue Operations & Intelligence to the next level. According to the Forrester report, Chorus’ “audio and video capture capabilities are market leading and enhanced significantly by the ability to identify insights through Trackers — preconfigured and customer-created insights flagged to the seller to drive action and optimize performance.”

What sets Chorus’ technology apart is a transcription back-end and end-to-end transformer model called Wav2Vec. It’s 10 times more complex than the previous model, allowing it to learn a much broader representation of speech and recording conditions. With this improved technology, we’ve increased our transcription accuracy by 25% and greatly reduced call processing time. Now any length of call can be transcribed in less than a minute. Our engineers have built all of our transcription models and algorithms, and have received 14 granted patents to date — more than any other vendor in the RO&I space.

Chorus’ groundbreaking technology, in combination with powerful ZoomInfo tools like Scoops, creates more intelligent customer engagement and better visibility into market trends and the competitive landscape. Now anyone in a revenue organization can capture customer interactions, accurately track keywords and sentiment, and flag pivotal moments across the lifespan of a deal.

Hit every revenue goal by optimizing your team’s performance #

Every revenue leader wants a path to greater efficiency. Many organizations have struggled with sales onboarding and ramp-up time, especially now as leaders contend with the Great Resignation. The wider the gap between high performers and newer, less experienced reps, the harder it is to keep on plan and hit your numbers.

One of the most valuable benefits that Chorus offers is a better way to coach your team and replicate the success of the highest performing reps. Using insights culled from call recording and analysis, sales leaders can provide specific, timely, and actionable feedback to new reps, to speed the refinement of their techniques and improve their overall performance.

As noted in The Forrester Wave™ report, Chorus “customers commented that they have seen decreased ramp time and increased productivity since they implemented”.

Chorus and ZoomInfo — a force to be reckoned with #

The challenge for today’s revenue leaders is how to take rich, always up-to-date data and insights and make them available to customer-facing teams to drive quick and effective action at every stage of the sales cycle. Our vision is to solve that challenge, so everyone in the revenue organization is operating from a fully informed and empowered position.

Chorus’ conversation intelligence technology is an important piece of the broader RevOS story, and we’ll continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible — pioneering the use of AI in revenue operations and building a more unified experience for customers.

That’s why we’re thrilled The Forrester Wave™ recognized us with the highest score possible in the “product vision” criterion.

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