How the Chorus App for Zoom Meetings is Taking Productivity to the Next Level

July 21, 2021

Sophie Cheng

Today, we are incredibly excited and honored to launch the Chorus app for Zoom. Our new app seamlessly integrates into your Zoom experience to help boost your productivity and allow you to stay focused by keeping your workflow going—before, during, and after a meeting. Chorus has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Zoom and we are excited to continue our journey with the Chorus app for Zoom.

A Match Made in Heaven #

I can’t imagine a more perfect match—Chorus and Zoom—to help take meeting productivity to the next level. You probably share the sentiment that we spend too much time in meetings with too little time to effectively prepare for them or craft meaningful follow-ups. I’m often in 8+ hours of back-to-back meetings in a day, and it’s pretty much impossible to remember and follow through on everything I said I would. To make matters worse, I might have some notes in my notebook, others on post-it notes or digital sticky pads, and some even on the back of my lunch napkin. The new Chorus app for Zoom solves these problems and more.

So what exactly is the Chorus app for Zoom? #

I’m glad you asked! I truly believe our new app will fundamentally change how revenue teams execute meetings in a virtual environment and help frontline reps deepen their customer relationships.

Some of the key benefits you can expect from the initial app release include:

  • Seamlessly Engage Colleagues & Enable Team Selling
    • We’re introducing #Hashtags to Chorus! Select from out-of-the-box or custom hashtags to push high-value moments such as #Objection directly to a Chorus playlist—instantly taking knowledge sharing to the next level.
    • We’re bringing Chorus’ @Mentions into Zoom. This tried and true Chorus functionality helps you bring in others during the call to get your deals over the line, faster.
  • Live Note-Taking
    • No more sticky notes or digital notepads needed. Craft better action plans & follow-ups with all your live in-meeting notes attached to the actual conversation context.
  • Follow-Ups Made Easy
    • Easily bookmark key moments live with our 1-click pin so you can stay focused. Review or share these key moments with your manager or peers to keep things moving.

But that’s not all. We are already thinking about what the next version of the app will look like to bring even more Conversation Intelligence power into your meeting experience.

Download the App Today #

If you’re a Chorus customer, simply head to the Zoom App Marketplace to download the Chorus app for Zoom. Please note that your Zoom Admin might need to enable this awesome new feature for you. If you’re not yet a Chorus customer, schedule your demo today.

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