Chorus Launches New Outcome-Based Analytics Capabilities

September 2, 2020

Sara Howshar

We have been working tirelessly to start Q3 off with a bang. We raised our Series C, gave our product a makeover, and welcomed Thiago Sa’ Freire to the Chorus crew. And we’re just getting started.

Advanced Analytics Light the Way to Better Sales #

The biggest benefits to using Conversation Intelligence are the insights that it brings. CI can help sales leaders understand why top reps perform better, if the team is following their sales process, which competitors are coming up in their deals, and more.

And, we’ve just taken it to a whole other level. Chorus provides the most robust insights available on the market.

Let’s break it down:

1. 20 Out-of-the-Box Sales Reports

Chorus now provides easy to use reports that let Revenue leaders see at a glance how their team is performing against:

  • Activity: Easily see a leader board and how your team is doing against benchmarks on KPIs like how many meetings were held, accounts touched, and more.
  • Conversation Skills: Measure how well your team is performing in areas like talk-to-listen ratios, longest monologue, patience, filler words, and more so you can coach them on how to have better discussions with customers that encourage them to open up and tell you what they need to buy.
  • Sales Skills: Your rep’s ability to effectively engage your customer is a great predictor of success, which is why we help you quickly understand how skilled they are at critical skills like asking engaging questions to get the customer talking, setting next steps to make sure your deal is moving at a fast clip, and more.
  • Deal Intelligence: Get key insights on how engaged your top deals actually are. If you are forecasting a deal to close this month, and it’s not at the top of the leaderboard here, you might want to dig in with your team to understand why.
  • Market Intelligence: Are you worried about what competitors are coming up in your deal? Do you know what features your prospects are asking for? This is where you’ll find out!

And, it gets even better.

2. Sales Reports Tied to Outcomes

Not only will Chorus show you how often these things are happening, it will also surface its impact on deal stage conversion and deal outcomes. This is the holy grail for Conversation Intelligence Insights.



Because, ultimately, you don’t care about how often something is mentioned. You care if it matters. If a prospect asks for a missing feature and it’s impacting your ability to close - you can quantify that for your product team and make sure it gets added to the roadmap.

If, when a competitor comes up, your team is having a difficult time getting the deal to move forward, you can quantify that for your marketing team to get new positioning and battle cards. It’s not about anecdotal feedback, it’s hard metrics tied to outcomes.

No other tool offers this today.

3. Measure Impact Over time

These reports also provide you with the ability to see if there is a trend changing over time.

For example, you’re in a competitive market, but it’s usually just one main competitor that you go head-to-head with. And, suddenly your team is dealing with a new competitor more.

Chorus gives you the ability to visualize this change in market dynamic over time. You can also use this to see how your team is improving over time as you coach their skills.

4. Call Momentum and Coaching Signals

Chorus now provides Conversation Metrics on every call. Your reps get a quick red, yellow, or green signal on how well they performed against key conversation and sales skill benchmarks on individual calls so they can easily identify where they need to improve and where to request coaching from their manager.

As a manager, this also makes it simple for you to see at a glance if your team is focused on getting their customer to open up and talk through engaging questions and keep up deal momentum by ensuring that next steps are set.

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Explore the new Chorus Analytics and access the real insights that will make a real impact on your deals.

“We’re committed to ensuring our platform delivers the most impactful insights available for frontline reps all the way up to CEOs,” says CEO Jim Benton.

“Context is the most important aspect of getting truly actionable insights. We’re able to deliver granular and 10,000-foot views of performance intelligence, revenue intelligence, and relationship intelligence because we own the most advanced AI on the market and continue to invest in innovation.”

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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