Can’t-Miss Moments From Elevate: Conversation Intelligence

October 7, 2021

Daniel Blaser

Our first-ever Elevate: Conversation Intelligence just wrapped, and what an event it was! Between the inspiring line-up of speakers and incredible insights delivered by leaders and reps alike, we’re confident that attendees came away with a renewed commitment to help solve the problems of their customers and prospects.

Whether you were lucky enough to attend, or you’re looking for a quick recap of the event, we’ve collected some of our favorite moments in this post. And if you happen to come across a session that draws you in, good news: You can re-watch any sessions (or the complete conference!) on-demand, for free.

What will the future of selling look like?

Kicking things off was Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo CEO. Henry shared his take on the major challenges faced by today’s sales teams, and how the acquisition of Chorus was a critical component to making ZoomInfo the go-to GTM platform. One stat Henry called out was especially thought-provoking 👇

It’s clear that coaching is a challenge for most sales teams, which is one reason Conversation Intelligence (CI) is so crucial for leaders looking to level-up their retention numbers. Speaking to the overall power of CI, Henry explained:

But that wasn’t all. Joining Henry was Jim Benton, former CEO of Chorus and current SVP of Emerging Products at ZoomInfo. One moment that stuck out from their conversation was Jim sharing why customer relationships are the key to succeeding in sales.


Your Superpower For Winning More Deals #

Next up was Hila Nir, ZoomInfo Chief Product Officer, and Chorus VP of Product Management, Dominik Facher. They walked through several of the recent additions to Chorus and ZoomInfo, and how automation between both platforms are akin to a superpower for sales teams. One example? The tremendous impact of Chorus’ recent transition to using ZoomInfo data 👇

With such functionality already emerging after just a couple months of collaboration between both product teams, sales leaders can only dream about what the future holds for Chorus + ZoomInfo.


Finding Your “True North” #

Those who haven’t heard Larry Long Jr. speak before were in for a treat. His motivating session was a metaphorical shot of espresso, and included many inspiring moments that are worth reviewing in your next team meeting. This clip captures just a few of the truth bombs dropped by Larry in scorching succession.


Welcome to “Sales Tech Mayhem” #

Craig Rosenberg, VP Analyst at Gartner Research, led this conversation with Jim Benton and Mike Granieri of Lacework. Craig eloquently laid out his perspective on sales tech mayhem, his term for the current environment of rapidly-evolving sales technology, strategic acquisitions, and ballooning budgets. One of the tentpoles of this multifaceted mayhem? Conversation Intelligence.

Craig also laid out his hypothesis for what’s next:


Unlocking an Unprecedented Era of Selling #

ZoomInfo Director of Sales Randy DeHaan was joined by three Chorus customers to discuss how the trends of the past eighteen months aren’t going anywhere. Included on the panel were:

  • Trey Boyer, VP of Sales, Hudl
  • Danielle Lemieux, Regional Director of Sales, MongoDB
  • Grace Tyson, VP of Sales, Reprise

One key question was when Randy asked the sales leaders to share how their teams have adapted to recent events, and what they’ve learned.


5 Reasons Your Deal Reviews Are Failing #

In this breakout session, ZoomInfo Senior Manager of Sales Nicole LaBarbera highlighted five of the most common obstacles standing in the way of effective deal reviews. And with so many reps falling prey to inaccurate forecasting, these challenges are clearly being experienced by a large percentage of sales teams.

Themed around comic book villains, Nicole offered her proven recommendations for reviews that are efficient, effective, and actionable.


3 Sales Stats You Should Know #

In this breakout session, Randy DeHaan shared three important sales stats that far too many leaders are simply unaware of. One that definitely stuck out: The huge positive impact a member of the C-suite can have by attending a sales call.

Randy’s session wasn’t just about the stats, however. He did a phenomenal job at connecting the data to actionable insights for sales teams large or small.


Until Next Time... #

Looking back on Elevate: Conversation Intelligence, it’s exciting to realize that we’re just at the beginning of uncovering what CI can do for enterprise. As Chorus and ZoomInfo continue working together, both platforms will keep getting better. And using this event as a ruler, there’s a lot for sales leaders to be excited about.

Don’t forget: You can rewatch any of the sessions detailed in this post, plus any of our Expert Series sessions, for free.

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