Relationship Intelligence

C-Suite Participation in Sales

C-Level Executives have been joining more sales calls, especially since COVID-19. Higher scrutiny and tighter budgets means that most deals need to cross a CXOs desk before it crosses the line into closed-won territory. Our sales call data can help you anticipate C-Suite involvement, and prepare your team for how to talk to C-Level Executives when they join.

C-Suite Deal Involvement (attended ≥ 1 meeting)

As a Sales Leader, your top priority is supporting your team to get deals across the line. Make sure that when you show up on calls that you're supporting rather than taking over. This provides an opportunity to coach and to validate your team's efforts. The buying side's C-Suite is joining at an unprecedented rate - 108% higher than they were in January. This is a stark difference from the end of 2019 and pre-COVID 2020.


Around 2.2x more likely to have a Buying Side C-Level Executive join sales calls vs a Selling Side C-Level Executive

C-Suite Participation in Multiple Meetings

The amount of meetings a C-Level exectutive will join in your sales process is varied. But if they are going to join, you can almost guarantee they will join the first meeting. There's an 81% drop in C-Suite meeting attendance from the first to the second call. Knowing this, make sure that your meetings are air tight and upleveled from the first interaction.


There was an 81% drop in C-Suite meeting attendance from the first to the second call.

What the data says about Relationship Intelligence

Sales Executives aren't the only ones showing up on more deals. The increase in C-Suite participation follows the same trend pattern. As your teams are selling into businesses with tighter budgets, higher scrutiny, and more decision makers, the best thing you can do is be prepared for the hard questions.

Coach your team on being practical, concise, and educated about your customer's customer - and their boss. Know the value your product brings and speak confidently to the broader picture of your partnership together.

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