Relationship Intelligence

C-Suite Participation (by ACV)

Different market segments require different levels of scrutiny and different sales processes to bring a deal over the line. Depending on your Average Contract Value (ACV), you may need to be more prepared than others to have C-Level Executives joining your calls. Based on real sales call data, learn which deals are most likely to have an executive presence and how to talk to the C-Level Executive who joins.

Buying-Side C-Suite Participation (by ACV)

C-Level Executives on the buying side are more likely to join on smaller deals as they are likely the leaders of SMB companies, and are more involved in the process of deals. On the other hand, if your deal is of higher ACV, your deal will likely require more meetings with a greater number of stakeholders, but you may not meet with a C-Level executive.


Buying-Side C-Level Executives join an average of 1.4x more calls for deals between 1 - 10k versus the next highest ACV deals

Selling-Side C-Suite Participation (by ACV)

On the selling side, you may notice that your C-Suite is more involved now than they used to be. We can see in the data that deals of higher value tend to have a C-Level Executive presence in sales calls. This adds credibility and weight to the conversation, and it also allows your team to build creative solutions that only the C-Suite have the authority to approve.


Selling-Side C-Level Executives join an average of 2.7x more calls for high ACV deals compared to the next smallest grouping.

What the data says about Relationship Intelligence

Some deals require more support from the C-Suite than others. If you are selling into a segment where you're likely going to meet with a CEO or CFO, come prepared.

Deal size is only part of the picture. It's best to know their industry, how their market is performing, and try to understand their capacity for budget. Coach your teams on being concise with their decks, demos, and talk tracks. Get the CXO talking, and listen to what they have to say. Make sure you don't come in prescribing anything that they haven't directly mentioned or asked about.

As we'll discuss in another report, if you're selling into an SMB company, be ready to meet the CEO and be ready to discuss extreme ROI. Know your business case as it applies to their business case. Come ready to demonstrate how your solution can provide real help in the short- and long-term for your best chance to win.

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