Relationship Intelligence

The C-Suite Factor in Your Deals

C-Suite Executives join calls to ensure they're getting the best solution for their company in the near and short term. It's essential to illustrate your value, your partnership quality, and your product capabilities. Let's look into how a C-Level Executive's participation in your sales call can have in impact on your deal.

Deal Win Rate with C-Suite Involvement

Don’t be afraid to have C-level executives involved. If you are able to demonstrate a solid business case and ROI, your deal is more likely to close.

"Ask, listen, listen, listen. Clarify, listen, ask. Build a solution off of what you heard rather than what you want to sell. That’s how you become successful. The process by which you get there is as important as the person who’s selling.”
— Joel Rackham, SVP and Global Head of Direct Sales at MarketStar

What the data says about Relationship Intelligence

CEOs and Founders are much more likely to want to discuss vision and value of your product in sync with theirs. Make sure that you address their priorities head on.

Make sure you have succinct responses for topics that are likely to come up, especially in terms of budget, immediate and extreme ROI, and the day to day improvements that will translate into long term growth.

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