TLDR: Building the Future of Conversation Intelligence

June 11, 2021

Daniel Blaser

To mark the recent launch of Momentum by Chorus, our CEO Jim Benton sat down with Head of Product, Kohki Yamaguchi.

They discussed why Momentum is a game changer for Revenue teams, the customer insights that shaped development, and how Momentum can elevate the “R” back to the CRM.

While we definitely recommend watching the entire conversation, there were three moments that stood out—we’ve collected them for you in this post.

1. Why did we prioritize integrating Momentum into the CRM? #

One of the things that differentiates our Connected CI strategy is that we bring Chorus’ powerful insights anywhere Revenue teams are working. As Kohki explains in this clip, our customers have emphasized the importance of speed and ease of use. If reps have to dig around for actionable insights, those insights are simply far less valuable in the long run.

2. How did our customers shape the development of Momentum? #

“Every single decision that we make is ultimately customer-driven.” Luckily for our Product team, the very platform that they are working on is designed for collecting and reviewing valuable customer feedback. And while most people probably think of Chorus as a tool exclusive to Revenue teams, Conversation Intelligence is valuable across the organization.

3. What is the actual experience of using Momentum like? #

“It’s like playing a video game at the end of the quarter.” As Jim mentions in this clip, Momentum was built for speed and efficiency. It was purpose-built so sales leaders can quickly surface “wow” moments, risks, competitor mentions, and more, and ultimately enjoy unprecedented clarity into their team’s deals and their overall pipeline.

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